Tuesday, August 28, 2007

War on sex trafficking declared in cyberspace

It's encouraging to read that more and more people are starting to use the internet to fight back against the scumbags that use it for sexual exploitation.

The Sexual Terrorism blog reports that in Bahrain, a human rights group has launched a cyber-campaign with a dual purpose: to inform victims victims and expose victimizers.

The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights is already investigating the perpetrators behind websites that are offering sex to customers here and in other Gulf countries, and now with the same technology it hopes to help solve the problem.

It believes raising awareness about sex trafficking and offering victims a way out are the keys to making a difference.

The society plans to approach companies, bloggers, recruiters, organisations and others to post on their website a banner in various languages that will contain information about sex trafficking and useful contacts for victims.

Similar information will be sent through an e-mail campaign.

Full story here.

Exposing these creeps and their tactics can work if it's done on a large scale. You can't count on bureaucrats in established institutions doing it, however, because there is so much corruption and collusion within them in every country.

Thank God for the internet.

Priorities just a little screwed up?

No one loves animals more than I do (I feed feral cats and pet them if they'll let me) and I think that anyone who mistreats them should be drawn and quartered.

But aren't people every bit as important? Where is the public outrage over the countless "natashas" who suffer far more than even these poor animals?

Embattled Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick could face prison time for pleading guilty to a dogfighting charge. ...

Vick, 27, was accused of helping to run an interstate dogfighting outfit ... Court documents said that when the kennel's dogs won, the gambling proceeds were generally shared by Vick's three co-defendants ... documents also revealed that Vick and two of his co-defendants killed a number of dogs that did not perform well in practice sessions. The dogs were executed by drowning or hanging.

... the conspiracy charge is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Full story here.

Meanwhile, here in Vancouver, the Province reports that the first person charged in Canada with human trafficking was convicted in Vancouver on June 21.

But not on the 22 counts of human smuggling he was brought to trial to face.

Michael (Wai Chi) Ng, who lured women to Canada as waitresses only to put them to work as prostitutes in his East Vancouver massage parlour, was found guilty in provincial court of one count of keeping a common bawdy house, two counts of helping create false documents for women to travel under and two counts of procuring a person to have illicit sexual intercourse with another. Had Ng been convicted on the human trafficking charges, he faced a possible life sentence and a $1-million fine.

He'll be sentenced on the lesser charges Oct. 5. Right, and no doubt he'll be home for Christmas.

Yes, because the law is an ass. It is disgusting that animal abusers are punished far more severely than human traffickers, pimps, producers of kiddie porn and other scum that abuse people.

But might that be due to complicity on the part of some of those who are supposed to be protecting the public? And perhaps to members of the public who create the demand for prostitutes and porn that human traffickers and other scum are only too happy to meet?