Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Telus - questionable judgement?

You gotta hand it to Telus, that forward-thinking good corporate citizen that holds its customers' concerns so dear to its (black ink stained) heart.

Why, this company is so in tune with its customers that it caters to them using 20/20 hindsight ... after they've taken their business to more, um, reputable competitors who have a different take on "responsibility" vis-a-vis pumping (should that "u" be an "i"?) pay-for-porn cell phone service.

Read all about the flexible minds and morality at Telus here.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

The glamour of exploitation

Why does this article make me see such a parallel between the fashion industry and the human trafficking and pornography "industries"?

Could it be because so many Ukrainian and other East European girls and women are being exploited by all of them?

So, where are all the women's rights advocates? One could be forgiven for wondering if contemporary feminists care as little about these women and girls as those who profit from their bodies. If not less.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Update on Ukrainian infants killed to harvest stem cells

A French publication recently published an update on the scandal involving healthy Ukrainian babies being murdered to harvest their stem cells.

... In the [sic] Ukraine, investigators are exploring the possibility that healthy infants and preborns were killed for stem-cell experimentation. It is speculated that the babies’ organs were extracted after allegedly being stolen from mothers by staff at Maternity Hospital Number Six in the eastern city of Kharkov [sic].

... Pictures from the autopsies reveal tiny dismembered bodies with missing organs and brains. Since dismemberment of bodies is not a standard post-mortem practice, it is likely the babies were harvested for the high amounts of stem cells in their brains and bone marrow.
... Due to the increasing worldwide demand for stem cells, it is possible healthy newborns are now being used to feed this demand. These healthy babies mysteriously "die" following a successful birth.

... Bioethicist Wesley Smith believes the demand for hundreds of millions of eggs and stem cells will lead to fetal farming. [T]he allegations of the stolen Ukrainian babies come only months after Family News in Focus reported [Ukrainian] women ... were being paid $200 to abort their babies for the acquisition of stem cells. More specifically, according to Smith, the women were paid to get pregnant for the sole purpose of aborting the babies at eight weeks gestation so the stem cells could be used for an anti-aging beauty treatment.

The Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM) in Barbados uses such a treatment that supposedly improves one’s fitness, sex life, mental capacity, and sleeping patterns. ... The treatment involves injecting clients with stem cells from seven- to ten-week-old aborted babies.

Full article here.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

One down, millions more to go

While this child porn bust is good news, it's disheartening to realize how endemic a sickness is man's inhumanity to children.

Authorities in Austria have uncovered a major international child pornography ring that stretches across 77 countries and involves more than 2,360 Internet addresses -- including at least 19 from Canada. ... The Canadians are suspected of paying to access videos on a website of young children, aged 14 and under, being sexually abused.

... the FBI was investigating about 600 Internet addresses in the United States, German authorities were looking at 400 addresses, France at 100 while his country was looking at 23. ...
Austrian police are calling the case "a strike against child pornography unprecedented in Austrian criminal history."

"Girls could be seen being raped, and you could also hear screams,'' said [the] Austrian police expert on Internet crime who headed the investigation. ...

... In Austria, the youngest person implicated in the case is 17 and the oldest is 69. ... the videos were all posted on a Russian website that is now defunct. To access the material, users had to pay US$89. Investigators believe most of the videos were made in Eastern Europe and uploaded somewhere in Britain.

Read the full article here.