Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Telus - questionable judgement?

You gotta hand it to Telus, that forward-thinking good corporate citizen that holds its customers' concerns so dear to its (black ink stained) heart.

Why, this company is so in tune with its customers that it caters to them using 20/20 hindsight ... after they've taken their business to more, um, reputable competitors who have a different take on "responsibility" vis-a-vis pumping (should that "u" be an "i"?) pay-for-porn cell phone service.

Read all about the flexible minds and morality at Telus here.

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Kristy said...

The news is reporting that Telus has dropped the porn!
Chalk one more up for the good guys!

TinyTornado said...

i thought you might like this article. the blogger herself can verge on the nutty side so careful when commenting on her page. Her investigation is thorough although a little too argumentative and passionate for my taste.

Put Kids First said...

I wanted to share this with you, it isn't directly related to trafficking 'per se' but exploitation of youth which oft-times leads to them being trafficked. they have an event coming up this Saturday

Pawlina said...

I disagree ... it is directly related, as you point out.

Many thanks, I'll put this in a post.