Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Japanese businessmen arrested for trafficking

Four Japanese businessmen have been arrested for trafficking in young women from Russia and Ukraine to work in nightclubs, according to this article....

Takashi Mori, 58, Koji Akagawa, 48, and two accomplices from Osaka sent false documents to the Japanese consulate in Khabarovsk, in Russia's Far East, with a request that visas be issued to a group of specialists for a period of training at one of the city's professional schools. A group of young Russian women entered Japan shortly after April 7.

The investigation established that this and other groups, totaling 40 women, rather than taking courses were employed as hostesses at local restaurants and nightclubs.

It is insidious how these scumbags can make themselves look legitimate. Even worse is the incredible payola that makes it worth the risk.

What a very unflattering reflection of human nature... that men so routinely abuse women for the sake of sexual gratification.

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