Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alarming growth of human trafficking in Middle East

Here is another eye-opener for those who tend to romanticize prostitution:

... sex trafficking is a huge issue in the Middle East, especially the Gulf. My concern is not women who choose to do this for their own personal reasons. My concern is women and young girls who are forced to do this on a daily basis with no form of support or help whatsoever.

This kind of corruption is almost always dismissed as “something that exists in every society,” so fighting it is apparently “useless.” This is not an excuse. This is a poor reaction to a major crisis that shouldn’t exist today. The fact remains that it does exist, and it’s happening right here in front of our eyes while we dismiss it, justify it, and ignore it in silence or ignorance.

The link for this blog came to me in a heart-breaking email plea from a reader of this blog who took the time to track me down and email me personally.

She is desperate for help, as the misery is increasing for the trafficking victims she is trying to help. And I feel so sick that all I can do is put up a link to this blog and hope that maybe it will melt the cold heart of someone who dismisses the whole affair as just part of "the oldest profession."

As Victor Malarek said at his book launch here in Vancouver, the fact that "men are pigs" is just as old.

Obviously, not all men are pigs. But someone else said that true evil happens when good men do nothing. And unfortunately, too many good men (and women) do just that.

I wish I could do more. Maybe I can, and just don't see the forest for the trees. I'm always open to suggestions (and help). I hope at least that putting up this link helps, somehow. Maybe just being aware and making other people aware helps. One can only hope.


Michelle said...

I for one am learning a lot through your blog and please don't feel that sharing information about human trafficking is not important or important enough. Just keep plugging away....Keep at it!

Pawlina said...

Thank you Michelle. Sometimes it feels so alone doing this. It is not exactly a topic that makes people feel warm and fuzzy.

But "citizen journalists" need to take on the credo that mainstream journalists have long forgotten: "Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." It's a bit harder for obscure bloggers but, as you say, plugging away is all we can do.

Thanks again for your comment. Such encouragement is great motivation to continue. In the meantime, I can only hope that somewhere, somehow, we are helping someone through our efforts.