Friday, November 02, 2007

Victor Malarek to speak in Vancouver tonight

Tonight the forum on human trafficking here in Vancouver starts, and I'll be heading over to the Polish community centre to hear keynote speaker Victor Malarek and connect with like-minded locals.

Tomorrow will be a full day with speakers on a new global initiative on human trafficking for NGOs, a national (Canadian) perspective on human trafficking, combatting human trafficking in BC, and implications for 2010.

Will keep you posted...


Natalia said...

Please let us know how it went! *waiting for news*

Pawlina said...

It was very encouraging in many respects.

Victor gave another mesmerizing keynote address on Friday night. I've heard speak him before and interviewed him twice on my program and he never fails to inspire.

The next day was a series of lectures and discussions with locals. I came out of it assured that some positive strides are being made on the home front at least. There's still an incredible amount of work to be done, here and abroad, but awareness is growing and I'm encountering others who share my passion.

As well, the provincial government has recently launched a small but pro-active anti-trafficking agency. We'll have to wait and see how effective that turns out to be.

I'll post the details and links sometime in the next few days ... a few crunchy deadlines going on at the moment. But stay tuned. I will return!