Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crashing western economy good news for "Natashas"?

I know some disagree with me about the connection I see between economic excess and sexual exploitation.

My reasoning has been that the drive behind the odious flesh trade can be attributed as much to the cavalier attitude of affluent pervs driving the demand as to the greedy thugs supplying that demand and reaping obscene (literal and figurative) profits.

Well, I guess time will tell if there is anything to my theory. But, coincidentally, it seems that suddenly the banking industry has a little economic incentive to ditch its cavalier attitude, according to this article in MacLeans magazine on the "new frugality."

... Deutsche Bank recently informed managers it would no longer pay for visits to strip clubs.

“Deutsche Bank does not approve of any adult entertainments, and such expenditures will not be reimbursed,” said a memo obtained by the German magazine Der Spiegel. “The mood of the super rich is going to change during the next year from ‘How To Spend It’ to ‘How Not To Flaunt It,’ ” wrote Christopher Wood, an analyst with CLSA, in his newsletter Greed & Fear.

“Certain people, particularly the Russians, have not got the point yet. But the backlash is undoubtedly coming.”

Full article here. here.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you and yours much love, peace, and happiness!

Pawlina said...

Thank you, Paul! And the same rightbackatcha!

So glad you stopped by and left some cheer here. What an awesome story on your blog(s) and thank you for sharing it so generously. How inspiring! All the best in your endeavours.

And please give Lily a big hug from me. How fortunate for both of you that someone threw her away. God certainly works in mysterious ways!

Carl said...

Thanks for your thought-provoking and passionate blog on Human Trafficking. I found many interesting and helpful links, and I've posted a link to your blog on mine.
I particularly appreciated your thoughts on why legalized prostitution is a bad idea, and the link to the interview with Victor Malarek on the Sexual Terrorism website related to Middle East HT.

Pawlina said...

Thank you, Carl! As you can see, I haven't been posting much on this site lately, so I'm delighted that you found it, and that you found it useful in your work.

It's such sad, and often overwhelming, work... but if there is a bright side to it, most certainly it is meeting kindred souls who are willing to share the workload.

Thanks again for your kind words, and may you have much success in your work.