Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Trafficking Alert newsletter

Vital Voices has introduced a slight change to its newsletter Trafficking Alert.

The October 2006 issue includes a section entitled, “Other Women’s Rights Issues” which contain articles on issues such as violence against women, domestic violence, and HIV/Aids.

Vital Voices has just recently completed a training program on Domestic Violence Prevention and Anti-Trafficking for Russian leaders. This week-long training not only gave the delegates ... an opportunity to learn about US anti-trafficking and domestic violence prevention efforts, it also gave their American colleagues a chance to gain knowledge of the current status of women in Russia and their leaders’ innovative work. This training was also in commemoration of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Vital Voices recently returned from China and the Russian Far East to identify emerging women leaders who strive to make a difference for women and girls in their countries. ... They strive to elevate the visibility of these women’s issues, and most importantly, to change society’s behavior and attitudes towards women and girls in China.

In the Russian Far East, two Vital Voices’ alumnae, inspired after receiving their training in 2005, worked with their state government to organize an Asia Pacific regional forum on human trafficking to bring awareness and build political will in addressing this global scourge.

Around the world, anti-trafficking initiatives are on the rise.

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