Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yahoo is very well named

Well, yahoo took the offending sponsor off my list-serv, but I had to complain again. Here's what I said:

I sent you a message this morning asking you to remove this sponsor [URL deleted] ... which you did and for which I thank you.

However, you have since replaced it with two more just like it.

Are you people daft?

I STILL do not want my site to be associated in any way with a "company" that even remotely appears to solicit customers for the purposes of prostitution! Especially with women who are likely victims of human trafficking.

Can you understand that? No "mail order brides" or "inter-dating" or "sexy singles" or any such service, PLEASE!

These are the offending sites:
[URLs deleted]

Please remove them immediately. You have put one there which is radio related. That is perfectly fine. I actually welcome respectable sponsors.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take better note of the type of companies you promote.

No more sleaze, please!

I use yahoo groups because it is convenient and easy. However, my webhosting company offers the same service, and if this sleazy sponsorship continues I will switch, and take as many yahoo groups subscribers as I can with me.

We'll see what transpires tomorrow.


maria said...

With all the news that has been so well documented regarding the abuse of innocent women and children, I join you in the condemnation of any support given by Yahoo to this obvious enabling.

We should be looking carefully at the outcome of this complaint.

Pawlina said...

Thanks, Maria.

I don't know what gives. Now there's a "Ukrainian women looking for love" ad in place of one of the Russian ones. Maybe they rotate automatically. Who knows.

At any rate, I think we should put up a good fight!

Anonymous said...

This entire episode illustrates how pervasive and accepted the commodification of human beings has become, especially in the technologically-driven modern global marketplace where mass-marketing allow people to abdicate moral responsibility so easily. Would anyone be surprised to find an ad actually selling live human beings as outright slaves? As Pawlina has noted, that is what these "dating" ads are in fact masking: "dating" ads, prostitution, escort services, and the illegal and immoral trafficking and enslavement of human beings are all related so that one does not know where one ends and the other begins. Thank you Pawlina for taking a stand on this issue! - Paul

Pawlina said...

Thanks, Paul.

You are so right ... we all have to be more alert and diligent. It is far too easy to become complicit in this odious trade just by default.

This whole incident left me feeling very slimed. I can't even inmagine the horror being experienced by the many thousands of women being peddled on yahoo and elsewhere.